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Pawnee County Levy Rates

District Code School District Levy Rate
D-2 Jennings School District 88.18
JENN D-2 Jennings City 88.18
I-1 Pawnee School District 89.66
MARMA I-1 Maramec City 89.66
PAWNE I-1 Pawnee City 89.66
1S I-1 Skedee City 89.66
I-4 Frontier School District 61.82
I-6 Cleveland School District 97.69
6BL I-6 Blackburn City 97.69
CLEVE I-6 Cleveland City 97.69
6H I-6 Hallett City 97.69
6T I-6 Terlton City 97.69
I-90 Ralston School District 76.82
J-101 Glencoe School District 96.05
J-103 Yale School District 87.24
J103A J-103 Quay City 87.24
J-15 Keystone School District 79.13
J15A J-15 Applachia City 79.13
J-3B Mannford School District 95.50
J-6 Morrison School District 95.06
RALST JI-90 Ralston City 76.82